CODA and Hex Color Picking

RCWeb Color Picker

I have been enjoying CODA, the everything-in-one-window web development toolbox from Panic, more and more over the past year. In amongst all the goodness, I have been continually baffled by the lack of a web safe color palette in the supplied color picker or any hint of hex colors in the WYSIWYG CSS editor.

Today I came across the RCWebColorPicker from Rubicode. After downloading and installing the free plugin, the standard OS X color picker gains an “RCWeb” tab. This new tab features a box for a full RGB hex value, RGB sliders with corresponding hex values and a check box to limit the palette to the 216 web safe colors.

Hex goodness achieved!


re: CODA and Hex Color Picking

cheers, todd...i've been looking for this forever!

re: CODA and Hex Color Picking

i can't believe this doesn't come with CODA, or at least a link to this plugin!!!! thank you so much!!!!

Developer Color Picker

Interestingly enough, Panic has released a free Developer Color Picker which has some basic hexadecimal functionality in it.