Terrible Machine

Terrible Machine

  • Client: Independent
  • Date: 2013
  • Service: Design, Development

…a completely original exhibit: THE TERRIBLE MACHINE. This, the world’s first found-footage VJing game, will stand proud in the center…”
— Everything is Festival

Terrible Machine is a two player VJ game experience realized in collaboration with robotkid. A VCR theme informs the design, with custom controllers being mounted onto VHS boxes. An Arduino UNO processes input from arcade style buttons. An intermediate program, built with openFrameworks, intercepts serial messages and turns them into OSC. Finally, Resolume Avenue receives the OSC and triggers playback of clips and compositions, allowing the players to mix on top of a backing audio visual loop.

Terrible Machine controller

Terrible Machine controller detail


Year Show Venue
2013 XOXO Yale Union, Portland, OR
2013 The Two Head Cleaners & A Microphone Tour! Various
2013 Everything is Festival IV Cinefamily, Los Angeles